Low-risk investments in residential and commercial real estate
up to 18%
Passive income from reliable real estate investments
Stable profitability
Quarterly reporting
Investments in euro
We offer a reliable way to save and multiply your money
RAINBOW RED is engaged in attracting investments in commercial and residential real estate in Latvia and other EU countries.
We chose this particular way of investing for several reasons:
If you are looking for an alternative to bank deposits or a way to make a targeted investment in real estate but have never done this or already have experience with such investments, we offer to you our profitable properties!
Why is it worth working with us?
We provide a stable annual return of up to 18%
Your starting investment amount is from 5 000 euro. We generate regular income corresponding to the type of your real estate investment: monthly or after successful sale of the property as well as other options
We take care to secure your investment and to minimize the risks
We understand the real estate market well and identify the profitability of projects. We carry out detailed examination and assessment of the properties, including financial, legal and technical risks. From a large number of offers, we select only safe and reliable projects that unavoidably bring you return.
We are always in touch and provide regular reporting
We are always ready to answer your questions by phone and in messengers and provide feedback on the results of our work. You will receive regular quarterly reports electronically and will be able to monitor what is happening with your investments
We approach your investment case individually
We choose a property appropriate for you in terms of profitability, implementation time, investment strategy and other parameters. We work both with those who already have investment experience and know how to invest and with newcomers who are unfamiliar with the real estate market.
We work in the investment market of the European Union
Investing in properties in the EU countries is not only a profitable investment, but also an opportunity to obtain a residence permit and, in the long term, foreign citizenship. All transactions are solely in euro which is a stable and most predictable currency
Additional benefits for large investors starting 50 000 euro
We help and resolve issues with entering the European Union and placing capital in the EU, as well as help to obtain a residence permit and resolve other necessary documents (open an account, get a tax number, make transfers and so on)
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Our properties
Quiet center: 29 Dzirnavu street, Riga, Latvia
Property value: EUR 3.800.000
Min. investment: EUR 5.000
Investment term: 24 months
Return in the first year: starting from 6%
Residential building MILL RESIDENCE
This facade building is located in the "Quiet Center", the most prestigious district of Riga. There is no heavy traffic, but there is considerable pedestrian traffic attractive for commercial trade. Just 30 meters from the property Alberta Street is located, a prime architectural historical location.
MILL RESIDENCE has countless windows overlooking both the facade and the courtyard. Due to the convenient location of the facility, there is no racket of the surrounding streets. The initial wooden building was originally built by the polisher Jacob Ramberg according to the design of the architect Gustav Winkler in 1873. Part of the entrance was completed by the merchant Jorgins Larsens according to the design of the architect Heinrich Gegenmüller in 1879. In the courtyard, already in 1909, a four-storey school building was built for a women’s school, later to become a German elementary school.

Apartment house:
  • 6 floors, including one commercial
  • 21 apartments (10 of which with balconies or terracies)
  • Apartment size: 40 — 70 sq.m.
  • Number of rooms: 2 — 4
Commercial premises:
  • Retail space on the ground floor
  • Underground parking
  • Parking on site
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Agenskalns: 17 Amalijas street, Riga, Latvia
Property value: EUR 1.900.000
Min. investment: EUR 5.000
Investment term: 18 months
Return in the first year: starting from 8%
Residential building AMALIA RESIDENCE
The property is located in Riga, the capital of Latvia, its economic, industrial and cultural center. The city has 630 000 residents (2020), which is one third of the country’s population.

The building is located in Agenskalns, the closest dormitory area to the center of Riga, bordering the promenade along the Daugava River and overlooking the Old Town.
It is the most prestigious residential area in Riga since the 1930s. There is no heavy traffic and there are regular and quiet streets, which is attractive for a quiet and comfortable stay.
Just 50 meters from the house, there is Barinu street, the central street of the district with traditional wooden architecture. AMALIA RESIDENCE is a light and spacious building, its windows face the facade and the courtyard. Each resident of the house has the opportunity to access a common enclosed landscaped area surrounded by trees on all sides.
Due to the quiet location of the property, there is no noise from the surrounding streets. An ideal place for a comfortable stay for young families of the city.

Apartment house:
  • 3 floors
  • 14 apartments (many of which with balconies)
  • Apartment size: 30 — 90 sq.m.
  • Number of rooms: 2 — 4
Meet the RAINBOW RED team
Eduard Zolotuhin
Graduate of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, University of Latvia (2003)

Experienced entrepreneur, founder and CEO of tech companies with a capitalization of over 10 million euro. Founder of the venture fund "ZED VENTURES", investing in promising IT startups at the pre-seed stage
Dmitri Pavlov
Chief financial officer
Graduate of The Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, BA (2003), MBA (2015) and Riga Graduate School of Law, LL.M. (2022)

Management of physical assets and investment project management. Over 13 years of experience in banking, business development and international lending and investments. Managed loan and investment portfolio of 650 million euro. Member of the Board of a number of property management companies with a portfolio of 40 million euro
Aleksey Chizhevsky
Graduate of The Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, BA (2005) and Riga Graduate School of Law (2022)

Development and management of real estate, including residential and office buildings in Riga: hypermarket on Sporta street, residential building on 11 Rupniecibas street, and a new residential project of club-type apartments and townhouses in Imanta. Ex-CFO of the multifunctional project Z-Towers in Riga
Sergey Frolov
Engineering (Mg.ing.) and economic (Mg.oec.) education

Founder and CEO of the engineering consulting company SIA "Būvuzraugi LV", the number one company in Latvia in engineering consulting. Winner of the industry award "Gada labākā būve Latvijā 2019" (Best building of the year in Latvia in 2019) and "Latvijas Būvniecības gada balva 2019" (Latvian Construction Annual Award 2019). Experience in organizing the process and quality control at all stages of development.

Site of the company www.buvuzraugi.lv
How do we work
The investment process consists of 5 steps:
Online meeting with an investment manager
We will tell you about the possibilities of different properties and help you choose the right one in terms of profitability and investment strategy. Here is when the investor provides information on AML/KMC compliance and investor source of capital
Decision on the investment amount
You will choose your comfortable minimum and maximum investment and determine your desired investment product
Signing contract for a property
We will prepare the necessary legal package. You just need to close the deal by signing the documentation and transferring the amount of the investment
You will receive investment reporting by email on a regular basis
Receiving income
The regularity and size depend on the type of property and the product chosen
Finished properties
11 Rupniecibas Street, Riga, Latvia
Property value: EUR 8.900.000
Min. investment: EUR 50 000
Investment term: 5 years
Average yield (during construction): 18% per annum
Average yield (ownership): 6.5% per annum
Residential building RÉSIDENCE LUMIÈRE
Residential building with a unique historical design, located in the "Quiet Center", the most prestigious district of Riga. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has the charm of an old building and provides residents with comfort thanks to modern technology. It is distinguished by its spacious apartments filled with bright light.
The facility is surrounded by parks, historical, architectural and natural attractions.
Nearby are located: Kronvalda park, Viesturdarzs, Alberta street with architectural masterpieces, Andrejosta port, Daugava river.
The house has 26 apartments and 4 penthouses with high ceilings and huge panoramic windows, as well as an underground parking and storage rooms. Fully-furbished apartments with several design options: from authentic Art Nouveau to modern minimalism.

  • 7 floors
  • Area of apartments: 38 — 128 sq.m.
  • Number of rooms: 1−4
Imanta, Riga
Investment in the property: EUR 3.500.000
Min. investment: EUR 10.000
Average yield (during construction): 21% per annum
Average yield (ownership): 7.2% per annum
Residential complex IMANTA GARDEN
The project was created for lovers of nature and urban comfort. This is a modern residential complex with developed infrastructure, located in the private sector of the greenest residential area in Riga, Imanta.
The facility has a fenced and landscaped area under security and video surveillance, with a playground, a barbecue and a picnic area. An oak grove, hazel trees and spruces are adjacent to the property. From here one can promptly access the shopping area, the airport or the center of Riga.
The residential complex includes an apartment building with 15 apartments with terraces and underground parking as well as 8 townhouses with private land plots. All buildings are made in the style of "cubism" and fit perfectly into the natural environment.

Apartment house:
  • 3 floors
  • Area of apartments: 50 — 120 sq.m.
  • Number of rooms: 3 — 4
  • 2 — 3 floors
  • Area: 205 — 290 sq.m.
  • Plot area: 320 — 430 sq.m.
Frequently asked questions
What is the minimum investment amount?
The minimal investment amount is 5 000 euro. We provide regular return corresponding to the type of real estate investment: monthly, after sale of the property as well as other options
What interest rate can be expected and what does it depend on?
The interest depends on the profitability of the property, its novelty and other characteristics, as well as on the number of investors and primary on the investment stage. The annual interest rate ranges from 6% to the average of up 18%. There are successful cases when early investors received 30% or more percent of annual profitability
Do taxes have to be paid on the received interest?
Investment income is subject to either personal or corporate income tax. You have the option to postpone tax payments if investments are undertaken through a financial SPV. But one way or another, the income tax liability remains. In most cases, when investing from an individual (physical person), we withhold tax on the income transferred to you and provide a corresponding tax certificate, which you then provide to the tax office in your country of tax registration
How to start investing with RAINBOW RED?
Fill out the form on the website and we will contact you to arrange a meeting. We will present our investment properties and select the most suitable option in terms of profitability and the frequency of your interest coupon. Next, we will agree on the amount of investment and sign the agreement
How are investment properties examined?
Each of our properties undergoes thorough due diligence of the financial, legal and technical details
How is RAINBOW RED different from other investment vehicles?
  • Investments in real estate are significantly more profitable than bank deposits. And are also much safer given current situation in the banking industry in terms of capital and compliance requirements.
  • When compared to traditional market instruments, real estate investments are more consistent and predictable, given that the nominal value of the objects grows in line with inflation, being a derivative of the situation in the economy and thus carries a lower direct inflationary and devaluation risks
What does investors' income consist of?
Regular rental income, interest income or exit income from the sale of real estate.
When is it possible to receive % on the investment?
It depends on the property, as well as your investment strategy and risk appetite. The regularity of receiving interest is different: once a quarter, after the sale of the property as well as other options. At an online meeting with your investment manager, you will choose the property and the regularity of your income
What are the guarantees that my funds are reliably protected?
  • You will receive regular reporting on the status of your investment.
  • Your money is addressed only to invest in a property agreed with you; if the amount required to finance the project were not to be and invested, all the funds are returned to investors in full.
  • No investor has ever lost the principal of his/her investment when working with us
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Low-risk investments in residential and commercial real estate
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